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Flexible metallic conduits can be easily bend by hand and retain the shape once formed after the force is removed and it is strong enough to withstand a hydraulic pressure of upto 2kg/square centimeters.


Excellent Protection

Flexible metallic conduits are free from burrs and sharp edges and offer excellent mechanical protection to wires and cables. Flexible metallic conduits are not affected by any vibrations and offer high water and atmospheric resistance,as they are made from zinc/lead coated steel strips inside and outside with fiber/craft paper insulation between them. It is highly resistant to corrosion and heat.


Easy to install and transport

Flexible metallic conduits are available in 50 meters,25 meters and 20 meters in length,requiring less joints and accessories and therefore are more economical. Flexible metallic conduits are lightweight and supplied in wound coils,therefore consuming less space and easy to transport.


Easily cut to desirable length

Flexible metallic conduits can be cut easily at site with simple tools. Special tools like,thread cutting or benders etc,are not at all required.